Monday, October 24, 2011

So it turns out that I'm addicted...

I have been super busy these days. This may be due to my procrastination. Perhaps if I had started working on this stuff weeks ago, instead of watching Lost or my new old show Arrested Development, I could have had a less stressful weekend.
Here's the funny thing... even though I was stressed out by the many assignments due this week, I was still able to sew stilled sewed a shirt. Yes. My priorities are totally in order. I've started to realize, thanks to David for pointing this out, I must have a project. Apparently this is something my dad and I have in common. I see things I want to make or do all. the. time. It really is kind of like a high I get from it. The low I feel, however, is very much a low when I make something that I'm not so proud of.

Take this shirt for instance. This "shirt" has been taunting me for months.
First it was a skirt. 
That big black spot is just my shirt... In case you were wondering. It's kind of an awkward spot..... I didn't pee myself or anything.
It looked totally skiwampus. It was just bad.

Then it was a dress...
(Not pictured) -Probably because it was so tight that I couldn't even get it on. That was a bad day. I spent all this time trying to make it cute and then I couldn't even get it onto my ever-growing hip and thigh area. I decided it had to go! That meant ripping it to pieces. I have to admit that I felt much better after seeing my failure dress in pieces (Die, dress! Die!- Seriously, it was traumatizing.)

Lastly, I decided to make it a shirt.  After a wise comment from my friend, I realized that I have never made a shirt! I decided this would be my next project. It actually didn't take very long at all. It only took around 2 hours to whip up this shirt. I guess I am getting better! (*Cue the angelic chorus). I spent a total of $1 for this fabric. Pretty awesome, I'd say!

and here is a skirt I sewed a few weeks ago but just never got around to posting. It's made of recycled plastic bottles! How cool is that?! It also cost only $3 to make! 
P.S. David is going to laugh at my "pose" because I always do the same one. SO embarrassing :)

And there you have it!

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