Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm a Crafty Crafterton

I just want to take this opportunity to brag on myself. 
Just a little

It's just... I'm so excited about this!

So I asked for a sewing machine for my birthday from madre.
Okay... so my birthday isn't for another week and a day...

Doesn't bother me one bit!

David and I eagerly busted that baby out of the box as soon as I came home from school. 
It's kind of interesting because David seemed more excited than I was at the time, which is pretty dang excited because I was definitely excited. 

Friday I found myself not able to focus on anything else but sewing.
Over the past several months, my mind has been creating a folder in my brain of all sorts of creations I could make with my new sewing machine. So many possibilities! If only I had the time... Stupid school! *fist shake of disgust*
Okay... just kidding.... I guess school isn't stupid...... But it's definitely a frustration to me! It's relentless!

So back to Friday.

I found myself at Jo-Ann's even though I had tons of work to do (and still do at this moment). So many amazing possible projects to behold. I found myself taking a stroll through each aisle, admiring each and every item.
I decided that I wanted to make an article of clothing. As I perused all of the pattern options available, I found a winner. Next, I chose a fabric. After some time, I was able to find a viable option. 
I had this beautiful vision of how amazing my skirt would be. Although I have never successfully sewed anything, I thought that somehow I would be able to figure out. 
Then reality kicked in. It kicked a little too hard actually.

I started to realize that such a project would require a great deal of expertise. Expertise I do not have.

I have had little experience with sewing.
Much less successfully creating something that I would want to wear.
A few moments of panic ensued. 

I decided to call my MIL, Lisa.
She came to my rescue, as always!

We worked and worked and worked. 

 And voila! The finished product :)

It feels so amazing to be done! 
I feel like I can actually make things now.
Again, I definitely have to give a lot of the credit to Lisa because I had no idea what I was doing. 


  1. turned out really cute. i might even want to make the same pattern for myself!

  2. That looks awesome! I might have to borrow your pattern... when I'm not pregnant!

  3. I'm so proud of how cute your skirt turned out. I've been sewing my whole life and I just have to say.....one step at a time. Each time you make something, you will learn something new. I'm still learning new things and different ways to do things. Have fun with your new hobbie. Aunt Darla


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