Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shopping disappointment

So today I found out that Shade Clothing is closing! I saw "Liquidation sale! Some items up to 75% off!" David was sitting next to me and said, "Oh babe, you gotta get over there!" I have to say.. that totally made my day!
When we arrived, I was so excited because it is a rare occasion for me to actually get permission to go shopping. However, much to my disappointment there wasn't much of a change in prices that I could see. I thought "well maybe they just haven't updated the tag prices yet". Again, much to my disappointment, the tag prices weren't changing. After asking if several of the items that I picked were the same as the price on the tag, I realized that all of the tag prices were up to date. I wasn't going to be getting much of a "great buy" today at all. Bum deal I say, bum deal!

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